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Lecture schedule for 2023 Canastota Psychic Fair
Please Note: Lecture Schedule subject to change without notice

                                                                            Saturday- 4/15:

Noon- Bunny  Dupuis - "Soul Auras" – Your soul aura color is the blueprint for your life lessons and work. Bunny will                                               explain how these colors make a difference in your adult life.


1pm - Sandra Argus - "Awakening your Psychic Self" - Join Sandra in discovering your psychic self and intuitive                                                     abilities. This interactive session will help you to identify and develop your own individual                                                     strength, using psychometry.


3pm - Vicki Snyder-Young - "Explore a Psychic’s Tool Box" – Come and learn the different tool that Psychics use and                                                         sample from Vicki’s own tool box.


4pm- Rev. Irene Snyder- "Clairs" - Rev. Irene will discuss how we communicate with spirits using different “Clairs”,                                                      such  as Clairvoyance, Clairsentience and Clairaudience.


5pm- Sarina -  "Chakras Colors & Crystals" – Sarina will have a discussion on the 7 major energy centers in the human                              body, and the related colors and crystals for each.


6pm Kris Faso - "The Age of Aquarius/Spirit World/Voices of the Stone"  - Understanding the symbolism of the                                             Aquarian age and how stones, as emissaries of Mother Earth, may guide us. Kris and his spirit team                                 will discuss the Spirit world here and now and share an exercise each can do, for creating a space for                               contact to be made.



                                                                                Sunday - 4/16

1pm - Renee Ranke -  "Dancing With Your Divine Connection" - Renee will be discussing how to look at ways to                                                        strengthen your personal connection to teachers, guides & loved ones, on both the spiritual                                                  & physical planes, through your divine energetic stream.

2pm- Christene Springle -  "Spiritus Animals"  - Connecting with nature and our wild neighbors is something we

                                                should all do. Christene will discuss how connecting with a specific wild animal, to receive                                                  messages and guidance, will enrich one’s life and development of growth.

3pm - Linda Jennings. - "Angels" - Angels are always with you, since the day you were born. Linda J. will explain how to                                            call on their energies to help you in different situations in your life.

4pm - Tammy Price-  "Me, Myself & My 3 rd Eye"  – Tammy will be giving a lecture on the importance of how following                                           her own intuition brought her to embrace her gifts.

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