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The Psychics/Mediums that will be at the 23rd Annual Canastota
Psychic Fair 


Please Note:  Although all the psychics, mediums, intuitive readers have been vetted for this event, be aware in accordance with NYS law: All psychic readings/healing services are for entertainment/relaxation purposes only and should not take the place of professionally licensed treatment or consultation.

Conclusions and predictions of psychic readers and healers are their own personal opinion and not guaranteed by Greystone Castle Inc and their associates

Please Note: Each picture is a link to the psychic's website or Facebook page, unless otherwise stated.

Kris Faso

Kris Faso - Psychic/ Medium , Stone reader

Sandy Argus

Sandra Argus Intuitive/Psychic

Sarina 1- Photo in her booth

Sarina - Psychic Medium Note: no website at this time

Vicki Snyder

Vicki Snyder - Young Psychic/Medium


Renee Ranke - Psychic/Medium


Rev. Bunny Dupuis - Psychic/Medium

Linda Jennings

Linda Jennings - Psychic/Medium

 Christene Springle

Christene Springle - Evidential medium, psychic, intuitive tarot reader

Reverend Irene

Reverend Irene - Medium, Psychic. (Note: no website at this time)

Tammy Price

Tammy Price Angel readings, medium

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